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Paper Straws
Wheat straws
Bamboo Fiber Straw
PLA Straws
Reed Straws
Rice Straw
Wooden Cutlery
Birch Wood spoon knife fork
Wood boat tray
wood stirrer
Wood popsicle stick
Fruit fork
Food Wrapping Paper
Tracing Papper
Greaseproof Paper
Sandwich PE coating Paper
Silicone Paper
Paper Bags
Kraft paper bag
Bread Paper bag
Takeout Paper Bag
Takeout Paper Bag
Paper Box
Pizza Box
Paper Cake Box
Kraft paper boat tray
Kraft Paper Lunch Box
Hamburger paper box
Popcorn Paper Bucket
130 oz popcorn paper bucket
85oz popcorn paper bucket
64oz popcorn paper bucket
46oz popcorn paper bucket
32oz popcorn paper bucket
28oz popcorn paper bucket
paper cone cup for fries
paper cone cup for fries
Paper cups
Ice cream cup
Paper cone cup
Foam cups
Ripple wall paper cup
Paper cup for hot drink
Lids for cups
Sugarcane/Bassage tableware
Sugarcane/Bassage plates
Sugarcane/Bassage Cups
Sugarcane/Bassage Lunch Box
Sugarcane/Bassage food tray
Sugarcane/Bassage food Bowls
Paper Bowl
Paper Soup Bowl
Kraft paper salad bowl

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Paper straws | Paper straws | Paper straws | Wheat Straws | Wheat Straws | Wheat Straws | Wheat Straws | Bamboo Fiber Straw | Reed Straws | Reed Straws | Eatable Rice Straw | Birch wood knife Fork Spoon | Birch wood knife Fork Spoon | Birch wood knife Fork Spoon | Wood Coffee Stirrer | Wood Coffee Stirrer | Disposable Wood Boat Plates/Dishes | Disposable Wood cup | Disposable Wood Cones | Wood Popsicle Sticks | Tracing Paper | Greaseproof papre | PE coating paper | Kraft paper bag | Kraft Paper Long Bread & Food Bags | Paper shopping Bag | Ripple paper cups | Custom logo printed disposable double wall paper cup for coffee and milktea | HIRO Snow Cone Cups Cone Water Cups Shaved Ice Cups for Home or Company | Disposable milk tea paper cup foam cup thickened coffee cold and hot drink packed cup with lid customized | Disposable Custom Printed Double WalI Ice Cream Cups | Kraft Paper Fry Chicken Hamburger Packaging Box | Disposable brown kraft paper boat paper food tray | Take Away Food Packing Box Disposable Kraft Paper Box wholesale lunch box | Kraft Corrugated Pizza Boxes Takeaway Cardboard Boxes | Hiro Disposable Sugarcane/Bagasse Food Plates | Hiro Disposable Sugarcane/Bagasse Food Plates | 12 Pack Cupcake Boxes White Cardboard Sweet Muffin Cake Box Dessert Gift Packing With Window | Disposable Kraft Paper French Fries Cones with Dipping Sauce Compartment | French Fry Cones with Built-In Sauce Cup | Disposable Kraft Paper French Fries Holder | Paper Food Cones with dip pocket | Paper Food Cones for chips | 28 oz popcorn paper bucket | 32 oz popcorn paper bucket | 46 oz popcorn paper bucket | 64 oz popcorn paper bucket | 85 oz popcorn paper bucket | 130oz popcorn paper bucket | Kraft paper soup cup Noodle bucket | White Kraft paper soup cup | Kraft paper bowl for salad | Kraft paper bag with flat handles | 8oz sugarcane pulp biodegradable paper cup 240ml 250ml 260ml | 12oz sugarcane pulp biodegradable paper cup 350ml |

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Foreign media: The sharp rise in paper prices is still on the way... | Shipping problems occurs after the Suez Canal incident | Statement from Hiro Industrial Limited |